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As I already announced on the site before, fellow nottinghammer and UK producer FlamesYall drops his tribute album to ATCQ. Here's what he had to say about it :

Hey Yo!

Finally, the ATCQ tribute is complete!!

Download for free, here -> files.me.com/stumangan/dd3v4c

Starting in the UK, to Europe, to the USA, this tribute, to one of the greatest music groups of all time, has been a year in the making.

Produced entirely by myself, FlamesYall, flipping the original samples from the ATCQ catalogue, I hooked up with artists who wanted to showcase their talents.

From 'StrictlyButter' feat. TommyLux, which was completed middle last year, to 'LyricsTooGo' feat. FutureSound, which was completed today (I forgive you Future!!), and all in between.

Without these MCs, this project would not even have seen the light of day.
They ALL killed it - From TokyoCigar on the 'Vibes And Stuff' remake, to FutureSound killing his 'Scenario' verse, to Ryan Lucas rocking the 'Verses From The Abstract' flip, every one of them delivered...

I'm hugely grateful to all the MCs who contributed -

Goose, Keb0, TokyoCigar, Logic Rhymes, MC Baz, Ryan Lucas, z1 Tha ESSENTIAL, TommyLux, Black Disciple, Mars, Luke, Duce.

All artists on the album, their details, are contained in the MP3s.

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And here's the link to the "Scenario" Remix entitled "ScenariYall" featuring your very own, MC Baz (3rd verse).

<a href="http://flamesyall.bandcamp.com/track/scenariyall">ScenariYall by FlamesYall</a>

Peace, enjoy and spread the word !


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