Project 1 : A Soul Has No Shape

OK ! Greetings everyone let's get busy in this muther... !

Here is my first project, that i made with a brother of mine, the world famous Qrazsirs 'pronounce crazy ears) aka DJ OMG aka NoShape. He's a very gifted young moroccan producer, been a brother and a comrade for 8 long years in Paris. We studied together and we shared the same love for hiphop. I've always been a fan of his work, specially his electronic beats. So we decided to put together our forces to bring an experimental electronic hiphop album that we called "A Soul Has No Shape" in reference to our respective production credits : mine is "Produced by Rouh for SoulSound Productions" and his " Produced by Qrazsirs for No Shape Productions".

So I'm going to lay it down for y'all track by track :

1. High Scores (Intro)

We decided to seperate the album in two parts mine and his, and as a starter i had to do the intro.
I've been thinking about a sort of logging into this crazy sound machine and as an old schooler, using all types of computers, i remember the Commodore login you had to enter before starting your favorite video game... So the album starts with a computer keyboard sound and a old videogame sound that i've flipped for y'all, enjoy :


2. Digital War Lessons

Second track is a "beat bombing". I started with the beat first, and then i layed down some scary, real hardcore synth to it, and the sound just made me think of an airplane dropping bombs !!!


3. Mad Skillz (Got You All)

Mad Skillz is based on that good think called EGO!! I wanted to drop a hardcore crazy beat, with a kind of "dilla" feeling to it to TELL THE WHOLE WORLD ABOUT ROUH !!! and then i added some Busta Rhymes acapella to it to give that maaaaaaaaaad nutz shit to it. Hope you like it.


4. The Difference ft. MC Baz

OK. This is it. This track is the only track with lyrics featuring myself as an MC. Great Feeling really when i made the beat i just couldn't resist. One of my best beats ever.


5. Don't Call Me Jingle

This is an old beat i made with fruity loops, something like 4 years ago. When i first heard it, it reminded me of an ad jingle, but it isn't, so don't you dare call me jingle...


6. BBoy Robot

In this one, you'll find two beats made with the same oneshot synth sample, and it tells a story: imagine a robot bboying and breaking, stops after the first beat, then comes back alive to finish his hiphop conversion... (i'm crazy)


7. Chillin' On The Silicon

This is my last beat on the album. Nothing much to say, there are two beats out there, very loungy feeling cool breeze synth...


I won't speak for Qrazsirs, but I'll give you my feelings about his songs :

8. Second Activation

This is the second intro to the album and each time you hear "activate", an instrument comes into play...


9. Dangerous Grounds

Really famous sample of Orange Clockwork, but he added some west coast lazy bass and a def beat to it. Genius really...


10. Sirens Call

Love the sirens, just looooooooooove them.


11. One Man Band

He just founded that terrific riff and played it with several electronic instruments (Fruity Loops vst's and plugins), really catchy, enjoy...


12. Crucial Nightmare

Qrazsirs has that gift with the catchy southern low-tempo beat, really good stuff...


13. Hi Tech Weed

Man, this beat !!! Qrazsirs made it after eating some space cake (true story!) and he told he didn't remeber how he made it !!! History in the making...


14. Underground, why...

Now you know...


15. No Shape Is The Future

My favorite beat, no doubt he is the future...


And there you go with the album and the covers, here it is...



and here is the link : http://rapidshare.com/files/108334601/ASHNS.rar.html

Please leave comments and enjoy

5 commentaires:

Jay a dit…

yo this shit is really hot...
on da realz...
i was kinda sceptic at first...
BUT yall cleared that shit up quick fast and a hurry...

keep it hot keep it coming and keep it hip hop 1#

mc baz/Rouh a dit…

Thanx Jay i really appreciate it, specially that you're the first person who gives comment on the work, i mean besides friends and family who always say its dope!!!
Thanx man, if you have any idea let us know

Marwen Ben Messaoud a dit…

Mc Baz rock da house!!!
How long should we wait for the next album?

s a dit…

This is tight, man. I know I'm late to the game, but keep up this fresh vibe.


s a dit…

This is tight, man. I know I'm late to the game, but keep up this fresh vibe.