Bee vs. Gorilla

Wassup everybody, know i've been away for a long time no, been busy lately, sorry for that.

Anyway i'd like to ask y'all what you think of Gza/The Genius from the almighty Wu Tang Clan going at 50 on a "diss" track called "Paper Plate".

To me this isn't a regular hype beef like you see nowadays. It's a battle rap in its purest form, brought to you by one of the illest rhyme sayer that is, a true legend called Gary Grice.
I mean a diss track, classy, not using that hype shit, no obscenity, not a single curse word, it's not like it's the greatest song ever, but i'm just saying that 50 cent would never be able to write a rap like that, period.
Not to mention his fellow g-unit members Yayo or Banks.

Here are the highlights :

"Enough to make ya Vogue on that cover of GQ
Only missing the sheer blouse, homey, you see-through"

"I spray the Flea unit with pesticides, and you can get
Your best ghost writers, get'em all to testify"

"All this rap crap that's trapped in your colon
Only means, get rid of the wack shit you holding"

"No matter what, you still window shop for lyrics"

Aight, that's what they call a KO. Let's wait for the gorilla to rspond to the Bee.

Check the lyrics here : http://da-sting.blogspot.com/2008/07/paper-plate-lyrics.html
and the track here : http://burnupload.ihiphop.com/download.php?id=6D4960971

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