Good news

It's amazing how internet can change your life. Because not only is internet a impressive tool of knowledge, it also became a cookie of fortune, depending on what you find in your email box, your favorite google search or whatever.

Today, I decided to check for a simple search on my album (the only actual album on the net), "a soul has no shape" and guess what I've found :

- a lot of internet sites that actually dig into hiphopbootleggers to feed their followers have taken my album from there
- I found myself in some rapidshare search engines
- Reviews and critics for the album

But the best surprise is a DJ selection. Yes, a DJ selection. Well the DJ is obsessed with robots so he made 2 podcasts with two of my beats in 'em ! How cool is that !

Here's the link for the two podcasts, kid's name elmattic :


And thank you elmattic, nice job, you made my day !

Peace to all.

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elmattic a dit…

Good looks kid, glad to have ya in there...always trying to expose heads to some shit they may have slept on...drop some new beats in my soundcloud when ya have some.