Project 2 - Finally Here !!!!

Word to the whole globe !!!!
IMA & Soulsoundproduction proudly gives you :

A Beat Meditation On Soul Vol.1 - The Skill album

1st single : Dead Serious (Killing the radio)

This is the first serie of a trilogy instrumental albums, the beat meditaion serie.

The whole idea behind the skill album is just an introduction album to the world & skills of producer ROUH. So welcome to my world, and I really hope you enjoy it.
Please, please, please leave comments.

Peace to the whole world !!!

2 commentaires:

Florence a dit…

et pourquoi quand j'essaie de le downloader il me dit que c'est pas possible, c'est quoi cette embrouille!!

elmattic a dit…

Yo Rouh nice stuff: